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A terrifying discovery

The following story is fiction and is not depicted on real events or persons. Any resemblance is coincidental

The following story is an interactive choose your own adventure type of story. You are a Youtuber making a video about another Youtuber that you’ve discovered. Something is quite terrifying about her videos. Can you figure out the meaning behind this woman’s videos? For the first page in this story you will have 3 options. You must stick with that option for the rest of the story. For example, if you choose to watch video three you must always choose video three on the next pages. Otherwise, this story won’t make sense to you.

“I never knew what terrifying was until I discovered this Youtube channel. I’m about to show you guys what gave me chills down my spine. As you can see, this is her Youtube channel. Let’s click on the first video.

This was the very first video she ever uploaded. Everything seems normal, right? Just a regular young woman – early 20’s – vlogging just like everybody else on Youtube. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until you click on the second video she uploaded. This is where things take a dark and weird turn.

In this second video, the video is filmed in the perspective of the woman. She’s holding the camera in her hand inside of a car that is parked in front of, what seems to be, a strip mall. She has her camera facing a man outside of her car to the front. The woman is crying and barely able to say words. You can barely hear her say ‘He hurt me. He hurt me’.

The man is seen yelling at someone who is off to the side, that we cannot see. What’s even more terrifying is what happens next. If we pause the video at this exact moment we can see the man quickly glance at the woman in her car. He knows she is there but does not confront her and immediately continues yelling at whoever is off camera to the side. If this person hurt her, wouldn’t that mean he would recognize her or her car? When he looked at her why did he just pretend she wasn’t there? Even though he saw her? He looked at her. Who is that man yelling at? What did he do to hurt this woman? why did this woman not show the other person who was off camera? A lot of unanswered questions, but it only gets weirder from there.

Which video should I watch next?

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