Hire me for your freelance needs

if you'd like to hire me as a writer or podcast guest please read the services page

As a writer/podcaster for hire, I offer many services. I have been freelance writing for 10+ years and people are always happy with my work. I put love and care into every single thing I do. Privacy is a big thing for me so there’s no need to credit me on your social media unless you’d like to! I never tell people who my clients are for privacy and safety reasons, unless the client specifically gives me permission to tell others of the work I did for them.

I will include below a list of the many services that I offer and you can find my email further down if you’d like to reach me for business inquiries.


Blogs $5 for up to 500 words. $10 between 800-1000 words. (1-3 days)

Articles $20 for anything between 1100-1500 words. $40 for anything between 1700-5000 words. (1-3 days)

Social media management – $5 for daily posts on your choice of Facebook or Twitter. $10 for daily posts on both Facebook and Twitter. $20 for daily posts on all social media.

Podcasts – $20. (I will be a guest on your podcast. Anything relating to life stories, mental health, comedy, music, writing, video games, WWE/AEW are my strong suits. Email me if your podcast isn’t among these topics. I’ll let you know if I think I can contribute. I use a Blue Yeti microphone and will send you a link to one of my podcasts so you can get familiar with what I sound like and the entertainment I can provide. (whichever day you decide. Although my schedule can be busy. It’s pretty easy to negotiate a time and day that fits both our needs. I am very flexible)

Youtube video scripts – $20. If you’re someone who has Youtube channel, and runs out of ideas, or doesn’t always have time to think of ideas, I can help you out. It will be typed up on a Word document in a screenplay format. Just email me the info of the kind of content you create. It will give me an idea of what you would like from me. (1-4 days)

Music lyrics $10. I used to work in the music industry and took a legit course on writing lyrics. If you’d wish I will provide you with a song that I wrote, which was sung by a band. I will also show you a photo of my certificate that I received for completing that course. (1-3 days)

Email: mystoriousstories@outlook.com

money will have to be sent through my paypal https://www.paypal.me/musiclovernews

Do not send me any payments until I’ve let you know that I have completed the work!

This is because I get so many emails that I do sometimes miss them. I usually get everybody but it does happen every once in awhile. I’ve had people send me payments without me even knowing they wanted anything. Then they get mad because they’ve sent me payment and ask why I never got back to them.

I of course ended up finishing the work afterward. But, there may be times when I am not able to do the service asked of me and they would have to get a refund through Paypal. I don’t want anyone to have a bad experience. Me or my clients. When everything is nice and smooth it makes it fun and enjoyable for everybody! I will always reply to your email and ask for more info or will let you know I’m going to work on it. I will tell you how long it will take me. I will then tell you when I finish. Only then will I get you to send me a payment.

Normally I ask for payment before I send you my finished work. This is in case I send you the work and you decide to not pay me. However, upon request I can show you half of the work I do before you pay me. That way you know I am seriously working on your request.